Gwen Manfrin
Greetings From Paradise (book cover)
ColophonTitle: Graves (front, left)
Title: Artist Statement (back, right)
Title: Tickled to death (front, left)
Title: Tickled to death (back, right)
Title: Awaiting your arrival (front, left)
Title: Awaiting your arrival (front, right)
Title: Front row seats (front, left)
Title: Front row seats (front, right)
Title: In good spirits (front, left)
Title: In good spirits (front, right)
Title: Greetings from paradise! (front, left)
Title: Greetings from paradise! (front, right)
Title: It's awfully hot here (front, left)
Title: It's awfully hot here (front, right)
Title: Howdy boys (front, left)
Title: Howdy boys (front, right)
Title: Wish you were here (front, left)
Title: Wish you were here (front, right)
Title: I never liked eating out (front, left)
Title: I never liked eating out (front, right)
Title: Tribute (front, left)
Title: Tribute (front, right)
Postcards (book)
This series: “greetings from paradise”, is a collection of infrared photographs shot in cemeteries, images that are reminiscent of vintage postcards. The text is taken from missives found on the backs of these cards, as if the dead are communicating with those left behind. Headstones and grave sites, the curious tributes placed upon them, evoke a memory album of a life. I use infrared for the soft surreal quality it gives the image, reflecting the phantasmagorical aspect of the landscape in a cemetery. Infrared rays are the invisible rays of the spectrum, like the souls that inhabit these places that I choose to photograph.